Sometimes you need answers, NOW.

You don’t have the time, energy, resources, willpower or patience to go through a coaching program. And a done-for-you product or group program doesn’t fit the bill either. 

You don’t need yet another time-sucking educational opportunity – because you have a problem – NOW – that needs some fixin’.

You just need someone else to help you see yourself and your business clearly so that you can start getting different results, immediately. 

Because you are stuck. And frustrated.
And so over being stuck and frustrated.
That’s where Upgrade comes in!  

In this call we dive DEEP; figure out what’s not working and why, and get you unstuck and back on track with your brilliance, so that you can focus on your genius instead of your lack. 

Because it’s time for you to Upgrade. NOW.


TRY (2).pngIt’s time for you to have what you truly desire, and to get out of your own way.

It is no coincidence that you are here. Your soul is calling you even deeper into what is truly possible for you.

Shrinking back is no longer an option for you. As scary as it may be, moving forward is your only option. Life is hard for two reasons: because you’re leaving your comfort zone, or because you’re staying in it.

Now is YOUR time to release the struggle, the striving, the pushing, the hustling, the unknowing, the self-doubt, and sink into who you are really called to be.

This deeply partnered 60-minute, 1-on-1 mentoring call moves you through whatever is blocking you so you can be, do, and have more in this world.

You're a good fit for Upgrade if any of the following apply: 

  • You’re willing to go deep and grow. This accelerated mentoring is about transforming that which is no longer serving you and building your vision, your impact, and your business in a truly aligned manner. Expect clarity about next steps. Expect your inner sh*t to come up for air to be cleared. 

  • You’re as excited about personal growth and development as the business advice, strategy, and know-how. 

  • You’re a conscious leader. You’re here to have big impact.

  • You’ve got a gorgeous vision and aren’t sure how to ground it into reality.

  • You know it’s time to close some doors and step into your next level self. You’re not sure exactly how to do that, and could use some support.

During your phone session I will utilize my mad-genius psychic skills, diving into your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business.  

We will discover what is energetically out of alignment and get clear on what you need to do to get back into alignment. 

You may bring whatever questions you desire to this call. Nothing is off limits!


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Emma M. Churchman, M.Div., is a business coach with a seminary degree and mad-genius psychic skills, who grew her business with a basic website and no email list to multi-six figures within a year!

She mentors entrepreneurs who desire to transform consciousness.

As a spiritual director for conscious business, Emma is a catalyst for aligning business with soul, embodying faith, and refining mindset + energy + emotions to empower entrepreneurs to drop deeper into their purpose, expand their impact, and experience true abundance.

  • Emma Churchman

    “From an Upgrade Call with Emma, I took away more confidence, clarity, and felt empowered to make my vision happen. I felt affirmed to move forward and thanks to the healing components, I feel like things are already moving more smoothly. The insights helped me feel seen and like I am connected to something bigger than just me doing my business. I understand my gifts more fully and am more willing to put myself out there to serve others.”

    Jen Aly Coaching

  • Emma Churchman

    “I am working with Emma to align my business fully with my Soul level gifts and talents, as well as with the level of success I am reaching for this year. Working with her is completely transforming my business to more ease, freedom, flow & abundance—and you all know how much I value those! Thanks Emma for your truly astounding gifts!”

    Spiritual Journey of the Body

  • Emma Churchman

    “Emma’s grounding is what attracts my energy - nothing phases her, she can easily hold space for others. It’s calming. I received deep deep breakthroughs that I hadn’t even known needed to be worked through. Emma’s gifts are numerous - and she opens her gifts freely and healthily as she holds space and boundaries. I was honored and super impressed with my experience.”

    Wellness Coach

  • Emma Churchman

    “I was able to take a step back and re-evaluate my business and really examine if I was in alignment with all aspects of my business. I was pushing, pushing, and pushing to get things done and this was going nowhere fast! Thank you Emma for your great insight and helping me get back on track to empowerment!”

    Naturopathic Physician

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in the Upgrade Call instead of one of your products or private coaching?

Really, it’s up to you what level of investment you want to make. Some entrepreneurs do an Upgrade Call with me because they just have one or two urgent things they need to get handled in their business, and don’t need ongoing, intensive coaching. Others are thinking about private coaching with me, but want to test the waters first, to see what a session with me is like.

How will you access my Akashic Record?

As part of the payment process, you will be asked to provide me with the information I need to access your Akashic Record and the Akashic Record of your business. 

Will this call be recorded?

Absolutely, and the mp3 recording will be emailed to you the same day as the call.

What happens next?

Immediately after you purchase your Upgrade call I will email you the link to schedule your call using my online scheduler.

If I do the Upgrade Call with you, and then decide to invest in private coaching, does the Upgrade Call investment apply to private coaching?

Absolutely! If you decide at the end of your Upgrade Call that you want to continue working with me via private coaching, then your payment for the Upgrade Call will be applied towards your private coaching package and the Upgrade Call will count as your first session. 

Email to learn more:

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